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Receive high-end solutions like DAF Clarifier for Dairy Wastewater Treatment Plant, Dissolved Air Flotation Clarifiers, DAF Clarifier Plant for Sewage Treatment, etc.

About Us

Established in the year 2001, Daftech Engineers Pvt. Ltd. is counted amongst the leading manufacturers and exporters of Circular DAF Clarifiers in India. 

Daftech has been consistently serving the requirements of numerous clients who belongs to meat processing, waste oil processing, textile, carbon black, pulp & paper, dairy, edible oil, pharmaceutical, fish processing, non-woven, food processing, PVC and various other industries. The Dissolved Air Flotation technology is also used for secondary clarification and has various applications like treatment of ice cream effluents, kitchen effluents, laundry effluents, car washing and sewage treatment. 

Further, our manufactured Floatcells are exported to Saudi Arabia, Oman, Iran, USA, Colombia, Peru, UAE, Philippines, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Malaysia. The company has a well-facilitated factory in Dera Bassi, Punjab; where all the products are manufactured. We are offering all the products in PU coated mild steel as well as all grades of stainless steel as per the applications.  

Why Us?

The following are some major characteristics that distinguish DAFTECH Floatcells.

  • Our dissolved air flotation system is a compact clarifier with retention of just 3 minutes.
  • Our dissolved air flotation clarifier may be designed to handle a wide range of wastewater characteristics.
  • Our dissolved air flotation clarifier has a surface skimmer with adjustable speed and an automated bottom sludge purger as standard.
  • Our dissolved air flotation wastewater clarifier is capable of handling challenging wastewater streams with a variety of chemical inputs such as liquid poly electrolytes, dry powders, and organic and inorganic coagulants.
  • Wherever space is a constraint, multiple units can be installed one over the other.
  • Flotacells are easily relocatable if the need arises.

DAF Applications

Floatcells manufactured by us has a variety of applications such as fibre recovery from white water of paper mills, primary clarification of wastewater from milk processing, textile production, meat processing, fish processing, food processing, edible oil refining, petroleum refining, steel production etc. Here is a list of possible applications:

  • Air Mixing
  • Algae Removal
  • Augmentation of Depurator Efficiency
  • Bakeries
  • Ballast Water
  • Breweries
  • Canning Water
  • Car Wash Operations
  • Carbon Black Production
  • Cheese Production
  • Coal Tar Pitch Processing
  • Confectionery
  • Coolant Clarification
  • Cosmetics Production
  • Dairies
  • Farm Effluents
  • Fertilizer Effluents
  • Fibre Recovery in Pulp and Paper Mills
  • Fish Processing

  • Fruit Processing
  • General Food Manufacturing
  • Heavy Metals Removal
  • Ice Cream Production
  • Jute Mill Effluents
  • Kitchen Effluents
  • Laundries
  • Meat Processing and Packing
  • Membrane System Pre-treatment
  • Municipalities
  • Non-woven Effluents
  • Paint Shops
  • Palm Oil Refining
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Polyester Production
  • Polymer Production
  • Potato Processing
  • Poultry Processing
  • Primary Clarification
  • Pulp Mill Effluents

  • PVC Production
  • Refineries
  • Rendering Plants
  • Rice Mill Effluents
  • Rubber Effluents
  • Secondary Clarification
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Slaughter Houses
  • Snack Food Production
  • Soap Industry
  • Solids Recovery
  • Starch Removal
  • Steel Production
  • Tanneries
  • Tetra Pack Effluents
  • Textile Effluent
  • Vegetable Oil Processing
  • Waste Oil Processing
  • Water Recycling
  • Wool Scouring Effluents