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Clarification Of Slaughterhouse Effluents

Our company has brought the clarification of slaughterhouse effluents for the peoples safety. It is highly evident to treat the water for the further usage. The sewage collected in the slaughterhouses must be treated that contain the toxic and dirty bloods and secretions. The wastewater of the slaughterhouses contains the fat and protein that are unsafe to be flown in the streams or water bodies. The clarification of slaughterhouses re effective 9n removing the processed water from the slaughtering line and guts containing organic matter. The company is well known for providing satisfaction to the customers based on the quality and efficiency of the offered products and services.
Product Image (01)

BOD Removal Efficiency As High As 80%

  • Product Type:water Treatment Plant
  • Application:Industrial
  • Delivery Time:12 Week
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Highly Aerobic Sludge And Hence Nearly Odour-free

  • Delivery Time:12 Week
  • Product Type:Wastewater Treatment Plant
  • Material:Mild Steel
  • Application:Industrial