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DAF Saveall For Fibre Recovery
DAF Saveall For Fiber Recovery plants play major role in minimizing usage of wood based pulp and to recover fibers from agro waste. Recovered fibers are used in paper production mills for manufacturing improved quality papers at less production cost.
Primary Treatment Of City Sewage
The primary treatment of city sewage is essential for the whole citys health and hygiene. The discharge of sewage water can be highly toxic and detrimental. This treatment ensures the treatment and processing of the water.
Primary Clarification Of Dairy Effluents
Primary clarification of dairy effluents is a useful method to treat the wastewater of many industries such as medicine sector. These also clean the dirty water of the water bodies for the future safe usage.
Clarification Of Slaughterhouse Effluents
The clarification of slaughterhouse effluents are the techniques to treat the wastewater or unhygienic and water with toxic elements, containing the secretions, bloods, of the organisms to make the water safe and treated.